Carol Robertson – watercolour

Born in 1955, Carol Robertson has lived and worked in London since completing her MA in Painting at Chelsea College of Art in 1981. She was a Rome Scholar in 1993. She was a visiting lecturer at Cardiff School of Art from 1983 until 2003 and a Research Fellow there until 2008.

In 2005 she won 1st prize in the Singer & Friedlander / Sunday Times Watercolour competition, having previously won 3rd prize in the same competition in 2003. She  subsequently became a judge for the competition on two occasions.

Recent solo exhibitions include Garden Project, Kunstgarten, Graz and Colour Stream, Flowers, New York, both in 2012. In 2013, Circular Stories, Galerie allerArt, Bludenz and Carol Robertson –  Paintings Watercolours Prints at Peter Foolen Editions, Eindhoven and in 2014, Carol Robertson – Circular Stories, Flowers, London.

Forthcoming exhibitions in 2017 include in May a three person show, Ackling – Robertson – Sutton at Galerie Gisèle Linder in Basle and a solo show of new paintings Pointstar at Flowers Gallery in London. In August she shows at the Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke in a group exhibition of watercolours A Wash of Energy. In September she shows in Doubles, San Antonio, Texas: an exhibition of three of artist couples working in collaboration with one another.

Robertson is an artist who works within the tradition of geometric abstraction. She is probably best known for her luminous striped and circle formations which, although not seeking to record the world as it looks, are nevertheless closely linked to everyday life: to things seen, felt and imagined. Her watercolours often precede larger oil paintings as experimental precursors but can also be a record of one-off ideas.

Carol Robertson lives and works in London, UK.