This body of work is titled “Asymmetric Urban Ceramics” and it is a celebration of what makes part of the urban fabric of a city. Unorthodox shapes of skyscrapers and bold colours inspired from street art.

For this project influences have been drawn from buildings and urban architecture that show asymmetry, particularly leaning forms as well as graffiti art that is part of the urban culture.

These ceramic products are made to be used in everyday life. They meant to be both functional and decorative. The shapes and colour choices reference the ideas of minimalism and urban culture.

The forms are designed on the lathe in plaster and then slipcast creating a table landscape that echoes the skyline of cityscapes. These brightly coloured vessels are made of earthenware with the application of engobes and glossy glazes.

Charik Saragouda lives and works in London.