Deiniol Williams – ceramics

‘Wood-fired stoneware and porcelain with ash glazes’

Originally based in the hills of Mid-Wales, Deiniol now resides in the small town of Glossop on the edge of the Peak District.

Deiniol’s work mainly consists of throwing and some hand building. He is increasingly experimenting with stone inclusions mixed into the clay, which pushes his throwing skills to the limit. The act of throwing becomes a balancing act between the clay’s tendency to tear and collapse, and the control needed to create the forms. It requires complete focus with every movement considered otherwise the form will not survive.

After recently being awarded a bursary from a-n Artist Information Company to learn how to screen print, Deiniol has started experimenting and developing his own ceramic slip patterns and designs which are applied onto the clay surface. He is developing the technique to work in conjunction with the inclusions.

The forms are finally coated with an ash glaze, and fired for up to 24 hours in a wood kiln. The wood-firing transforms the clay and glaze surface depending on where the pots are placed within it, the type of wood used, and the length of the firing. The process of wood-firing is not separate but is an integral part of the making process. He also speaks Welsh.

Originally from Wales, but now lives in Glossop, UK.