Ceramics is a relatively new medium for me. I am a hand builder, using ancient techniques such as pinch pots, coiling and slabs to construct pieces of simplicity. With a design background my interest is in the purity of line and a sculptural sense of form. Black is my current choice of clay, where texture and colour is equally as important as shape. I have been most inspired by a recent trip to Iceland and have found that using a combination of black clay, white porcelain slip and turquoise underglaze takes me back to its beautiful yet desolate volcanic landscape.

I use minimal surface decoration, mark making by carving into coloured slips or washing out resisted clay. My inspirations come from patterns in the landscape and nature; rivulets, roots, dunes, hashes and slashes. Rhythm is also a very important element to me in ceramics, and many of the processes with ceramics have a rhythmic element to them. I find this very therapeutic and that is one of the many draws to the medium; it is also tactile, fluid, sensual and undergoes an amazing metamorphosis from a lump of sticky clay to the finished piece.

Jan Bulley lives and works in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire.