On a societal and personal level, I critique the cycle of denial and indulgence in response to the fear of uncertainty. Inspired by current and historical events as well as lived experiences, I recontextualise historical artworks and contemporary semiotics to explore themes of societal, environmental and personal subjugation as a result from the feeling of uncertainty. Often in the shape of escapism, we fall into the comfort of a vice when overwhelmed with anxiety from facing the irrational world or fantasize about fleeing to a desert island when we need to rid the stress of our everyday lives.

I question whether or not my political climate is simply a by-product of an inevitable cycle of denial and indulgences, repeated throughout history or if we are at a turning point? What will the environment look like in a hundred years, how will/ has technology changed us? Rather than point fingers, I’m curious at analyzing our current progress.

Jen Dwyer lives in Chicago, USA.