Rachel Sudworth – watercolour

Rachel Sudworth is inspired by quiet still places, mist and layers, and subtle colours found in wild environments. She loves hills, mountains and forests, empty winter beaches and northern light.

Her paintings are rarely specific locations. Sketchbooks, photographs and studies are made in the landscape then taken back to her studio, where they are distilled and explored as a group into larger pieces.

“For this body of watercolours on paper, I’ve used washes and layers to create gentle restful landscapes. I love watercolour for its’ delicate and translucent quality and enjoy manipulating the balance between control and un-control, often allowing for paint to run, pool and soften. Once I begin, the process is almost as important as the initial inspiration. Watercolour particularly, gives you the ability to be spontaneous and embrace the chance elements. It becomes about creating an impression or memory of landscape, making a painting I feel has atmosphere, balance, and quietness, something that draws a viewer in, and invites their involvement.’’

Rachel Sudworth lives and works in Herefordshire, UK.