Ruth Piper – watercolour

Primarily I am a painter working with water based mediums: acrylic paint & watercolour, layering strong translucent colours, from dark to light: incorporating both figurative and abstract elements.

Profoundly influenced by the terrain and atmosphere of dark literature and films with a special fascination for westerns and psychological thrillers: I am interested in the transitional mythological landscape between knowing and the unconscious, where dreams and reality merge. And the notions of transition and transformation that link to a strong sense of place both physical and psychological.

Shaped by climate, geology and atmosphere, negotiating and adapting to the demands of immediate surroundings: it seems that knowing is limited to what can be immediately felt and observed. Everything else is fiction and can only be imagined. We are alone but connected to a collective unconsciousness that influences constant tiny shifts in a personal constructed axis of reality.

Through the process of painting I am experiencing a fictional layering of the past and present that I hope can look back at me with a glimpse of something hidden, not yet known or experienced.

My current work explores the uncharted territory between the surface and the underworld and the superficiality of life on the edge.

Ruth Piper lives and works in Bristol, UK.