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Press release 11/11/17:
Ceramic Review – Kunsthuis Gallery.
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Press release 25/10/17:
Ceramics on show at Kunsthuis Gallery.
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Press release 30/08/17:
Watercolours are awash with energy at Kunsthuis Gallery.
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Press release 01/07/17:
Works by Iranian artists selected for village exhibition in England.
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Press release 01/07/17:
Artists from all over the globe exhibit in North Yorkshire gallery
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Press release 01/07/17:
The art to see in York right now. read more >

Press release 23/06/17:
100 Artists, 11 countries and one Sir Gary Verity at launch of Kunsthuis Gallery show. read more >

Press release 01/06/17:
Gallery hosts ambitious exhibition of 100 artists. read more >

Press release 01/06/17:
One hundred artists from 11 countries unite for one Kunsthuis Gallery exhibition. read more >

Press release 1/05/17:
New Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. Yorkshire Living Magazine What’s On. 

Press release 23/04/17:
100 Artists – 11 Countries. The biggest and most ambitious exhibition yet. read more >

Press release 12/04/17:
Exhibition of artists who push the boundaries. read more >

Press release 01/02/17:
Printmaker’s show brings cutting edge to Kunsthuis Gallery at Dutch House. read more >

Press release 05/12/16:
John Illingworth’s photographic eye for Yorkshire and beyond at Dutch house. read more >

Press release 28/10/16:
Twenty six shades of clay in Kunsthuis Gallery’s cornucopia of ceramics. read more >

Press release 27/09/16:
Abstraction in the balance at Kunsthuis Gallery autumn show at Dutch house. read more >

Press release 30/07/16:
Best of Yorkshire tourism to be honoured at ‘sparking’ ceremony. read more >

Press release 27/06/16:
White Rose Awards Picks North Yorkshire’s Tourist Shortlist. read more >

Press release 08/07/16:
Fields of colour to bloom at Kunsthuis Gallery. read more >

Features 25/06/16:
Welcome to Yorkshire Arts&Culture White Rose Awards Finalists. read more >

Features 01/06/16:
Artists going Dutch. read more >

Features 02/02/16:
Living North Spectate Issue 1 What’s On Guide for Art in Yorkshire.

Press release 03/02/16:
A black and white view of the world. read more >

Press release 15/01/16:
Kunsthuis Gallery goes black and white for first show of 2016. read more >

Press release 11/12/15:
Exhibition celebrates work of colourist Raymond Fearn. read more >

Press release 7/12/15:
Pushing Boundaries – Ceramic Review. read more >

Press release 17/11/15:
Christmas show Shades Of Clay puts potters on the spot read more >

Press release 17/11/15:
Paintings by late York artist Ray Fearn read more >

Press release 27/10/15:
Kunsthuis Gallery at The Dutch House in Crayke to host Pop-Up Christmas Shop read more >

Press release 14/10/15:
Four artists unite for North Yorkshire art exhibition read more >

Press release 02/09/15:
Artists in the frame for autumn line-up at art gallery read more >

Press release 29/07/15:
Art gallery hosts rust-inspired work read more >

Press release 06/05/15:
A Yorkshire Bike Ride Through The Netherlands read more >

Press release 12/02/15:
Dutch artists at the Kunsthuis gallery read more >

Press release 06/11/14:
My Own Yorkshire read more >

Press release 05/11/14:
Kunsthuis’ Christmas Show read more >

Press release 14/08/14:
Human Emotion read more >

Press release 31/05/14:
First exhibition at the Dutch House’s new Kunsthuis gallery to feature art from the Netherlands read more >

Press release 29/05/14:
Across The North Sea read more >