Hazel Clark lives in Husthwaite. Hazel Clark is a painter and sculptor who has exhibited for more than 20 years since graduating from Leeds University with a fine art degree. Her work has been featured on TV and is in private collections in this country and in the USA. Her energetic and varied use of paint – which can be poured, worked with a knife, or brushed – is related aesthetically to the chosen subject. There is a subtle blend of the figurative and the abstract.


Stephen Heward lives and works in North Yorkshire, UK. Following a lifetime of the professional study of landscapes and skies as a landscape architect and flying instructor, painting is a relatively recent, liberating and expressive outlet which has become an evolving dialogue with the elements and celebrates the experience of landscape. Stephen is constantly drawn to the exploration of dark edges – of the land and the daylight, when changing weather conditions assume greater significance.


Chris Brook lives in the Scottish Borders. Chris Brook is an Artist and Printmaker born in Yorkshire in 1960. Chris has tried to create pieces which possess a tangible and tactile quality. The subject is predominately landscape driven, influenced by the proximity of where land meets sea, and its recurring theme of containment. A personal, reflective landscape emerges, a reinvented retreat which conveys protection, comfort and shelter.


AnniRose Ansbro lives and works in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. My work often starts with an impermanent line drawing, sometimes based on a place or memory but quite often working with an accumulation of intuitive abstract marks. The paintings, constructed on either board or canvas, consist of layers of paint, wax and varnish. I embrace a spontaneous approach to my practice, often working with the idea of making mistakes in the early stages of a painting. This concept gives me the creative freedom to add certain shapes, textures and colour to my work without any limitations.


Lesley Birch lives and works in York, UK. “Printmaking is a vital part of my art practice, running alongside my painting. I favour the painterly processes of monoprinting with drypoint. I also photo-etch and make collagraphs. I use the intaglio process with oil-based inks and a limited palette. Each print is a one-off painting and part of a series relating to a particular theme in my practice. Recent work has been inspired by the presence and mystery of trees and forests around Corris, Wales.”


Janine Baldwin lives and works in Scarborough, UK. Living on the North Yorkshire coast I am surrounded by beautiful moors, woodland and coastline – these natural environments are a constant inspiration. Sketches created directly in the landscape form the basis of my studio work. In my paintings I use oils and oil bars (oil paint in solid form) and recently my work has focused on using collage with layers of charcoal, pastel and graphite – these layers reflect the sheer depth of detail in the Yorkshire landscape, from the tiniest plants across to vast forests on the horizon line. Influences include Joan Eardley and Kurt Jackson.