Catherine Headley lives and works in Leicester, UK. My inspiration comes from my visits to Penwith in Cornwall, a magical land encircled by seas. It is littered with the detritus of long ago, from Bronze Age cromlechs and Celtic crosses to the ruined engine houses of its abandoned tin mines. The moors are a pagan world of standing stones and sweeps of bracken crowned by granite cairns and above the cliffs, a prehistoric landscape of small, misshapen fields, cattle pastures held fast since the Iron Age in a web of granite hedge banks.



Clare Maria Wood can be found working in her garden studio in Cambridge, UK. After gaining a BA Honours in Fine Art painting at Wimbledon School of Art, Clare went on to complete postgraduate studies at Goldsmiths University. She has been making and exhibiting work throughout the UK since then and has shown work at the Royal Academy of Art. She became interested in printmaking in 2002 and now incorporates monoprint, etching and collagraph into her practice. She was awarded the CPSC Diploma by Stanley Jones MBE and Chloe Cheese MA RCA at the renowned Curwen Print Study Centre. Most recently Clare was awarded a residency at Brisons Veor, Cornwall.


Mick Gill I’m a painter who prints and I love working and collaborating with other artists. In recent years I’ve been learning stone lithography, having bought & restored an old Mailander direct press which I set up at the school where I work. I create images through process – layering and erasing colour, making the most of chance and manipulating the surface. I’d describe my work as Punk Urban Neo Romanticism!  I was lucky enough to be mentored by artists such as Bert Irvin and John Hoyland at the RA and I also hope to make paintings which are events to be felt through the senses, maybe with totemic power and infused by memory and experience.